About Harmony

Harmony is an actor, singer, and teacher based out of Orlando, Florida. She recently graduated with her BFA in Musical Theatre from the University of Central Florida, but her journey to performing didn't start there.

Harmony is originally from a small town outside of Buffalo, New York where she was involved with many productions and programs that celebrated the performing arts. Once she made the decision to move down the coast to Orlando she brought her passions with her.


While she never passes up performance opportunities that come her way, she's also now pursuing her calling to share the joy of performing to others through teaching.



One thing that Harmony values above all things is her family. While the majority of her family still resides in New York, she is grateful for the love an support of her boyfriend, Michael, and dog, Dominic.

Sun & Water

After growing up in a primarily cold region of the US, she now likes to take advantage of the Orlando sun by spending her days off at the nearest pool or beach.


From the young age of 12, Harmony has been fortunate to have traveled to 10+ countries. She has high hopes to continue her travels in the future!

Pictured here: Switzerland!

Magic & Movies

Living in Orlando has only allowed Harmony's love for magic, storytelling, and theme parks to flourish. She enjoys spending time in the Parks when she can, or going to see the latest movies.

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